Monday, March 15, 2010

I Don't Do Weddings.....yet

My wedding photographer, Ashley (, took the above shot as a part of Luke & I's engagement session ( This is a part of's homepage as an ad for Ashley and her husband Jason's amazing work! I was pretty darn excited about it...but that is just me ;)

It also cracked me up...I have said it about one million times: "I won't take a Wedding Cake/Cupcake Order. It's too much pressure."

Let me elaborate. I feel like your wedding cake/cupcakes is the most important cake/cupcakes you will ever buy, and I would never take on an order that I am not completely confident I can execute perfectly. My schedule is so crazy, that I wouldn't want any details to be forgotten or rushed. So I've said no to wedding orders.

That said, a few weeks ago, I got two requests for wedding cakes/cupcakes, one right after the other. Let me tell you, I had to talk myself OUT of taking the orders. They just sounded so fun! So this is why they say "Never say 'Never'"...

Let's just say that I'm not saying when, but I won't say "Never" ;)


Monday, March 8, 2010

I Do Love a Good Birthday =)

My dear friend Megan turned 21 last month, and we celebrated with her by delivering her to her surprise party! What FUN! Her boyfriend and I did a great deal of conspiring and, though Megan claims to have had an idea about the hush hush event, she is just trying to be cool. She had no idea. hahaha ;)

And in case you were wondering, Megan's yummy (and age appropriate) cupcakes aren't on the BreCakes Flavor List! Just an example of how much fun it is to whip up custom flavors!