Friday, July 10, 2009

Sugar Sugar Sugar

I've become sort of a crazy baking lady... I started baking (seriously baking) a little more than a year I'm new, but dedicated. Occasionally I will bake something other than cake, but I've really always been a cake girl. When I was 2, I was at my best friend's birthday party, and I fell of the jungle gym. I broke my arm and had to leave the party to go get it x-rayed. I was so afraid that I was going to miss the birthday cake that I made my parents take me back to the party before going to the doctor. It must be in my blood.

I now bake for almost whatever occasion calls for something baked. This is a problem. My family loves my stuff, but I've realized that I can't bake constantly just for us, otherwise I will constantly have the opportunity and desire to consume my body weight in sugar. So I decided that maybe I should sell these sugar creations of mine. It has taken a lot of convincing to actually get me going because I don't like to advertise myself at ALL. I am getting over this though, and I am now selling my cupcakes and cakes! 

Below are just a few of my favorite cakes and cupcakes! 

Sticky Chocolate with Marshmallow:

Strawberry with Vanilla Roses

Turtle Cupcakes (Devil's Food topped with Home-made Fudge, and Home-made Caramel over Caramel Buttercream with Pecan)

Chocolate and Red Velvet Layered cake with Buttercream and Sugar Roses for the BCM Girls Bible Study:

Present Cake for the Tessa's birthday Chocolate w/Pink Buttercream

Contact me for details: