Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Happy Hippo Birthday for Joy

It's funny....I've had a bunch of animal-related cupcake orders in the past few weeks. First with the ladybugs (which is technically less of an animal and more of a bug but whatever), then the monkey cupcakes (whose pics are still held hostage in Luke's camera...) and then hippos. A friend of mine from my class this summer ordered these crazy little cakes for her friend Joy's birthday. Joy happens to be a HUGE fan of hippos, so naturally her cupcakes should have hippos on top. haha I think my favorite part of this order was definitely when they came to pick the cupcakes up...I don't think Joy knew that there would be hippos on them haha There was a lot of high pitched excitement =)

Vanilla Hippo Cupcakes

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Allyson said...

I really love the hippos with the bows! So cute!

Joy said...

Eeeeee!! :D Those are my cupcakes!! I loved them so. much. <3 Like I said, we're looking for more excuses to get more!

Theresa said...

These are so cute! My friend's birthday is next month and she loves hippos, I have to make these for her. Ill be sure to give you credit for the idea :)

rantam said...

i would like to make these for my 4 yr old cousins funeral. He lost his battle to cancer and hippos were his favorite. Thought I could have them as dessert at the lunch after services. What is the hippo made out of??

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