Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Allyson =)

My good friend Allyson turned 26 yesterday! We celebrated her birthday at Left Bank....and we definitely smuggled these cupcakes in so that they wouldn't charge us a $3 per cupcake "cake cutting" fee...hahaha. They must not eat cupcakes very often because if they did, they would know that with a cupcake, there is no cutting involved. However, I would like to say: thank you Left Bank for leaving to-go boxes so conveniently on the counter where Luke could grab a few. They were very convenient for the guests who wished to take their cupcake to-go....haha
Anyways, Allyson saw a version of these cupcakes in the Martha Stewart book and had to have them, so I made them. They were a lot of work, but totally worth it because they turned out darling, and Allyson was happy =) 

When Raspberry Drop Cakes get taken over by Ladybugs...

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~a.m. said...

You are so amazing!!!!!

Ponti said...

Breanne, I had no idea that you were such an artist! I love you pictures, your cakes and cupcakes are beautiful!!

You are SO going to be be my new go-to for special occasions!

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