Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Craving Chocolate Dipped Banana Cupcakes

I don't think there is anything more irritating than craving chocolate and not having any around....

I keep sweets out of my cubicle for a reason though...I'm a sweet tooth, and I have no self control.

I made these Chocolate Dipped Banana cupcakes a couple of weeks ago, and I really wish they were still around... *sigh*


To Order, Email me at: brecakes@gmail.com


Ashley Maxwell said...

soooooo..I just discovered your blog, and I'm in love. I am a sweet fanatic, and will tell you I have a soft spot for anything in the "banana cake" family. I will keep your info for anyone in dire need of cupcakes:)XOXO..

AMBER said...

Bre!! Im starving and your delicious baked goods are making me even more hungry! I love your blog :)

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